I exist to serve by Liberating Greatness for individuals, teams and businesses.

You were born to be GREAT

I believe that everyone has greatness inside of them,
and that everyone has the potential to do great things.

I believe that the new world we live in requires new rules and a new game plan for achievers to become exceptional leaders and outstanding corporate and social citizens.

I believe that private victories precede public victories, and that
mastery is the quest for continual personal and professional excellence.

I believe obstacles provide opportunities
to learn, grow, break through barriers, and go to our next level.

I believe that to achieve more, to create, deliver and derive more value,
we must first become more.

I believe we're blessed with opportunities to Liberate Greatness in our own lives and the lives of all those around us, so that I might inspire others to Live, Learn, Love and Grow, every day.

John Roussot is an inspiring leader and high performance coach, serving by liberating greatness for individuals and teams around the world, and helping them get to their next level of success and significance.

With experience in various entrepreneurial ventures, consulting projects with large multi-national organisations, coaching entrepreneurs, and his senior director-level experience in the corporate world, John role models the characteristics and habits that will unlock your true potential.

Clients often speak about his "infectious enthusiasm," which is tribute to John's zest for life, passion to serve, and sincere desire to positively impact everyone he interacts with.

Live, Learn, Love & Grow, every day